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Private Caregiver Templates for Families

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40+ Private Caregiver Templates for Families

Professional home care forms to hire and manage a private caregiver(s)

Included in the Bundle:

✔️ Hire a Private Caregiver Checklist
✔️ Home Safety Checklist
✔️ Residence Information Sheet
✔️ Senior Care Requirements Checklist
✔️ Caregiver Time Sheets
✔️ Caregiver Job Description
✔️ Care Plan
✔️ Care Plan Review
✔️ Dietary Profile Sheet
✔️ Caregiving Daily Checklist
✔️ Senior Profile Information Form
✔️ ‘Need a Caregiver’ Sample Post
✔️ Caregiver Employment Application
✔️ Pre-Interview Caregiver Questionnaire
✔️ Full Caregiver Interview Questionnaire
✔️ Caregiver Reference Check-Call Script
✔️ Caregiver Employment Agreement
✔️ Caregiver Employment Contract
✔️ Caregiver Job Offer Letter
✔️ Termination of Employment Letter
✔️ Covid-19 Visitor Health Form
✔️ Housekeeping Chart
✔️ Personal Care-Hygiene Chart
✔️ Daily Food Log
✔️ Incident/Accident Report
✔️ Recovery Progress Notes
✔️ Care Directives Information Sheet
✔️ Community Services Contact List
✔️ Medical Contacts Sheet
✔️ Medical File Log
✔️ Medication List
✔️ Weekly Medication Trackers
✔️ Monthly Medication Tracker
✔️ Vitamin Supplement List
✔️ Emergency Medical Information
✔️ Letter of Recommendation
✔️ Visitor Sign in and out Sheet
✔️ Employee Letter of Recommendation
✔️ Toileting Charts
✔️ Visitor Sign in and out Sheet
✔️ Private Caregiver Tax Statement (yearly care costs-to have you or your caregiver fill out)
✔️ Home Care Invoice (give to your hired caregiver to use to keep care costs in order)

Professional Forms created by Danielle who is a Non-Medical Home Health Care Business Owner. These templates were created for families hiring an independent caregiver. 

The contents in the forms and documents come from direct hands on experience working with clients, families, care facilities, trustees, curators, and medical professionals.

How are these templates beneficial?

⭐ Helps with caregiver selection process
⭐ Clarify job expectations
⭐ Improve communication within care team
⭐ Increase accountability
⭐ Better care response time
⭐ Quick access to important information (emergency)
⭐ Organization- uniformity in forms
⭐ Have potential back up caregivers on file
⭐ Avoids liability issues 🔒
⭐ Simplify invoicing & accounting

Main Features of templates:

✔️ Master Files - Microsoft WORD & EXCEL
✔️ Compatible with (free software) 
✔️ All forms are editable 
✔️ Simple and easy way to change excel formulas
✔️ Fill forms in digitally
✔️ Fill forms by hand
✔️ Print to PDF
✔️ Send document electronically 
✔️ Printable 🖨️

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★Templates designed by Danielle, an experienced home care business owner, for non-medical home care. Danielle's templates draw on her firsthand knowledge of working with clients, families, care facilities, trustees, curators and medical professionals.
★Templates facilitate non-medical home care business owners in achieving organization, expansion, and security.
★Templates offered in the Wise Caregiving Shop MAY NOT BE RESOLD, reproduced, provided freely, sent electronically, or exploited for profit in any manner. Legal action will be taken.
★Once products have been downloaded from Wise Caregiving Shop, all sales are considered final.
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