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Home Care Agreement Template Bundle

Home Care Agreement Template Bundle

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Home Care Agreement Template Bundle

This Home Care Agreement Bundle provides comprehensive non-medical care contract templates to help parties establish mutual obligations. It is designed to ensure that both parties are aware of the full scope of their agreement and the corresponding expectations. The easy-to-access templates help protect the rights of both parties and promote trust in the home care process.

📁 Home Care Service Agreement Template
Home Care Service Agreement Template This customizable template provides a framework for creating service agreements between care providers and clients. It includes provisions related to payment, duration of service, confidentiality, and other essential components of a successful home care relationship.

📁 Caregiver Employment Agreement Template
Caregiver Employment Agreement Template The template outlines all of the necessary safety protocols and legal requirements to ensure that the working relationship between the home care provider and the care recipient is secure and risk-free.

📁 Independent Contractor Agreement Template
Home Care Contractor Agreement Template This template provides an easy way to create customized Home Care Contractor Agreements that are compliant with applicable state and local laws.

📁 Non-Compete Agreement for Employees Template
Non-Compete Agreement for Employees Template A one-of-a-kind template to easily create an enforceable non-compete agreement for your employees. It covers all necessary components for a legally binding agreement, ensuring your business's confidential information remains secure and compliant.

📁 Caregiver Employment Contract Template
Caregiver Employment Contract Template A comprehensive template to ensure the highest degree of protection and compliance with applicable labor laws. Get peace of mind knowing that the legalities are taken care of.

📁Home Care Transport Agreement Template(non-medical senior outings)
Home Care Transport Agreement Template Ensure the safety of your valuable assets with the clear and comprehensive language of this template—protecting both parties and defining travel parameters for successful transport.
This template is great for:


Home Care Company/Agency

 Personal Care Agency/Attendant(PCA)

Private/Independent Service Providers


How can you benefit from these templates?

⭐ Clarity of job expectations 
⭐ Accountability among care team
⭐ Quick access to client information
⭐ Document uniformity
⭐ Avoid liabilities

Main Features:

✔️ Insert LOGO/PHOTO
✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
✔️ Print to PDF
✔️ Send electronically
✔️ Printable

How to add your logo instructions included!

Download, save master copy and start using the form immediately!

★Templates designed by Danielle, an experienced home care business owner, for non-medical home care. Danielle's templates draw on her firsthand knowledge of working with clients, families, care facilities, trustees, curators and medical professionals.
★Templates facilitate non-medical home care business owners in achieving organization, expansion, and security.
★Templates offered in the Wise Caregiving Shop may not be resold, reproduced, provided freely, sent electronically, or exploited for profit in any manner.
★Once products have been downloaded from Wise Caregiving Shop, all sales are considered final.
★This shop is equipped with professional IT support for technical issues.



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