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  • Home Care Company Documents
  • Home Care Company Documents
  • Home Care Policy and Procedure Company Manual Template
  • Home Care Policy and Procedure Template
  • Home Care Company Policy and Procedure
  • Home Care Employee Handbook Template
  • Home Care Employee Handbook Template
  • Home Care Employee Handbook Template
  • Home Care Employee Handbook Template
  • Home Care Employee Handbook Template
  • Home Care Tanning Logs
  • Infection Prevention and Control Guide
  • Home Care Company Documents
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Home Care Policies and Procedures Templates

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Home Care Company Documents (ALL EDITABLE)

The home care company documents bundle contains the following:

📁 Home Care Company Policy & Procedure Manual
📁 Home Care Policy & Procedure Handbook for Employees
📁 Supplemental Forms that attach to Policy & Procedure
📁 Home Care Training Logs (Attach to Company Policy and Procedure)
📁 Infection Prevention & Control Guide for Employees

These templates are perfect for a:

⭐ Home Care Company/Agency
⭐ Senior Care Business
⭐ Personal Support Business
⭐ Elder Care Business

📁 Company Policy & Procedure Manual -Non-Medical (Editable)

✔️ 57 pages of all fully detailed information that is needed for your application to open and operate your senior care business! This editable manual is perfect for a growing home care business.
✔️ INTERACTIVE Table of Contents-'Quick Look Up' of Sections with just one click

Simply enter your company name and specific laws in your State / Province in the designated areas indicated throughout the document 

If you should need to add anything extra you can do that too! This manual took a lot of research and careful thought, as well as 10+ years experience to put together. It covers everything that is needed to protect your business, yet simply outlines to anyone reading it what is expected of the employee as well as the company. It is a perfect reference guide and provides structure, and regulations for your business.

📁 Home Care Employee Policy & Procedure Handbook-Non-Medical (Editable)

✔️ 46 pages of all fully editable information that is needed for your employee when you start hiring! This handbook is perfect for a growing home care business.
✔️ Table of Contents-'Quick Look Up' of Sections with just one click

Simply enter your company name, specific laws in your State/Province, additional custom information to your business in the designated areas and you are ready to print for employees!

📁 Supplemental Documents

(Attach w/ Company Policy and Procedure Manual) -12 Templates (Editable)

Most States require supplemental home care company documents in addition to the company policy & procedure manual and handbook for the application process

✔️ Includes Administrative Job Descriptions (CEO, General Manager, Supervisor)
✔️ Record Filing Procedures & Long Term Storage of Files
✔️ Customer Satisfaction Survey
✔️ Complaint and Follow up Forms
✔️ Customer Satisfaction Survey
✔️ Employee Record
✔️ Plan of Care/Care Plan
✔️ Visit Record with clients
✔️ Incident / Accident Report

📁 Home Care Training Logs (Editable)

Required for both the application process and daily operations in your business

Essential forms to start your home care business. This bundle simplifies the training section of your government application in any State/Province! The general forms have just the right amount of information required.

All the templates are editable! 

✔️ Covid-19 Guidelines
✔️ Sign-In & Out Sheet
✔️ Program Outline
✔️ Training Log
✔️ Caregiver Competency Evaluation
✔️ Employee Training Record
✔️ Home Care Aid Performance Review
✔️ Employer Orientation Checklist
✔️ Certificate -Editable!


Infection Prevention & Control Quick Guide for Employees-INCLUDED! (Editable)

✔️COVID-19 vaccination information to fill out
✔️Tuberculosis information to fill out

How can these templates help?

⭐ Better observations in daily health
⭐ Client selection
⭐ Employee selection
⭐ Improve communication within care team
⭐ Accountability
⭐ Quick access to client information
⭐ Administrative uniformity
⭐ Ask most important questions
⭐ Repetitive form filling saves time
⭐ Clarification of caregiver tasks
⭐ Set boundaries
⭐ Simplify accounting
⭐ Demonstrate professionalism
⭐ Save money
⭐ Avoid liabilities 🔒

Main Features of the product:

✔️ Master Files - Unlimited Use!
✔️ Easy to change page size 
✔️ Simple to change any excel formula
✔️ Form fill digitally/manually
✔️ Ready to convert to fillable forms in Adobe
✔️ Print to PDF
✔️ Send electronically!
✔️ Printable 🖨️

 Professional non-medical home care templates created by Danielle who owns and operates her own home care business. All templates in the Wise Caregiving Shop have been created from direct hands on experience working with clients, families, care facilities, trustees, curators, and medical professionals. 
✔️ Templates are designed to help non-medical home care business owners get organized, grow, and keep there home care business secure. 
✔️ The templates in the Wise Caregiving Shop are **NOT** allowed to be resold, reproduced, given as freebies, distributed by electronic means, or for customers to profit from the design by any means. 
✔️ All sales are final once files are downloaded from the Wise Caregiving Shop. 
✔️ For technical issues : Reach out and I promise to resolve it:) This shop has professional IT support



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Yes!! My order exceeded my expectations it is everything and more of what is described. Forms had been updated after i purchased and updated forms were sent out to me!!! I am very pleased with the materials very useful while I’m starting up my Home care agency!!! I will be purchasing more items soon. Great Seller